Meet The Chef

Chef Brian McCarley and Barbara McCarleyOwners & Operators

From Chef Brian...

The road I have traveled to get to this point is much like chefs across our country. I am the youngest of seven, was born and raised in Ft. Myers and my mother had a full time job keeping us all fed. She was an excellent cook and for a time owned a small restaurant on Sanibel. On my mother’s apron, I learned the basics of preparing natural wholesome foods. As a teenager, I worked my way up in restaurants: dishwashing, prep, line cook, even bartending and serving. I achieved a point in my culinary career where I wanted formal training; this is when I attended The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. While in Chicago, my love and appreciation of great food, simply prepared, flourished. I have worked through the years at restaurants and hotels, opening two restaurants of my own with critical success. I won Best Chef Ft. Myers Beach in 2003, Top Ten South West Florida restaurants in 2008, won three American Culinary Federation events, and continue to reach for success. Food is one of the passions of my life... I am always striving to learn more and have been fortunate to work with countless chefs that have imparted their knowledge and wisdom to me. I believe that no chef can truly ever stop learning new ways to please the palates of our guests.

~Brian McCarley C.E.C "Chef Brian"